Agnieszka is cerating Polynesian Tattoos since 2012 (in this time she made her firs project of a Polynesian Tattoo), and in 2016 she opened her own Tattoo Shop – Avalan Tattoo. Aga is an artist appreciated in Poland and around the World who creates Polynesian tattoos, femine ornaments and geometrical dot-works. Her skills are confirmed by numerous prizes at Polish and International tattoo conventions (e. g. London, Florence, Milan, Berlin or Venice, Warsaw, Poznań or Katowice) and at Tatau Awards – the international competition for the best Polynesian tattoo.

Each Polynesian tattoo performed by Agnieszka is prepared individually and can tell the story of the wearer, her/his values, close ones, can serve as a protective amulet, supporting the inner strength, etc. Her experience and knowledge allow her to create projects that emphasize the sculpture and layout of the place where the tattoo is to be placed. The project is always created during the session, with the so-called “freehand”, i. e. directly on the skin. The pattern is first drawn with markers on the skin (so be ready to stand in one place for a few hours ;-)), and then, after taking your comments and possible corrections, the proper tattooing begins. Creating a pattern using this method allows the design to fit perfectly into the natural curves of the body and place each of the symbols exactly where they belong.

Initially, Agnieszkas’ designs were inspired by Mehndi, the Indian art of body decoration. Currently, she is inspired by many motifs that speak to her in a special way; sometimes it is sculpture, sometimes embroidery, sometimes jewelry, but most of them are ideas born directly in her head. In each of these cases, Aga tries to make a tattoo tailored to the taste of the person who has to wear it; each of us is different, we like different things, and the tattoo is for life.

Prizes & Awards

Tatau Awards:
– 4th place Public’s & Artists’ Jury 2017
– 2nd place Public’s Jury 2017
– 1st place Artists’ and Public’s Jury 2016
– 3rd place Public’s Jury 2015
– 9th place Artists’ Jury 2015

Conventions 2018:
– 1st Graphic & geometrical at Poznań Tattoo Konwent
– 2nd Best of Big Tattoo at Frankfurt Tattoo Convention
– 1st Best Ornamental at Torino Tattoo Convention
– 2nd Best of Saturday at Warsaw Tattoo Convention (collaboration with Ewa Sroka Tattoo)

Conventions 2017:
– 3rd Best Other Styles at the Venice Tattoo Convention
– 1st Best of Saturday at Tatcon Blackpool
– 1st & 2nd Best Blackwork at Tatcon Blackpool
– 2nd Dots, lines and ornaments at Warsaw Tattoo Conwention
– 2nd Graphic & geometrical at Poznań Tattoo Konwent

Conventions 2016:
– 1st Best Tribal at the Amsterdam Tatoo Convention
– 1st Best Tribal at the Florence Tattoo Convention
– 3rd Best Ornamental at the Milano Tattoo Convention
– 3rd Best Ornamental at the Berlin Tattoo Convention

Conventions 2015:
– 3rd Best Ornamental at The London Tattoo Convention
– 2nd Best Black and grey at Katowice Tattoo Konwent